Daniel Day-Lewis Quits Acting

In a page taken from the Joaquin Phoenix playbook, Academy Award-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis has decided to quit the career that has brought him so much acclaim and prestige.

In a story published by Variety magazine, Day-Lewis gave no reason as to why the retirement at the age of 60. He has been known to wait in between projects for years, once quitting in the 90s before being talked into a comeback by Martin Scorsese for his Gangs of New York (2002).

Although of Irish descent, Day-Lewis is known for his brutal and often honest portrayal of Americans such as Abraham Lincoln and Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood (both of which he received Oscars for).

His last feature will be his return working with There Will Be Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson in a virtually unnamed project that has a release date of December 2017.

More will be reported as the story progresses.

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